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Village Optical Halloween blog

How to Protect Your Eyes from Halloween Hazards

Halloween is the perfect time to look scary, while staying safe. Yet, every year we receive frantic phone calls from people seeking treatment for an eye injury. To help you avoid a nightmarish Halloween spent searching for emergency eye care near you, our Winnipeg eye doctors put together the following guidelines for freaky fun:

Don’t Wear Nonprescription Costume Contacts

Creepy contact lenses are a fantastic way to put the finishing touch on any costume.  If you’re interested in dressing up your eyes this Halloween, do it with a prescription from a qualified eye care specialist.

Just like regular contact lenses, you need a proper contact lens fitting and prescription for cosmetic contacts. Not only is it illegal to sell costume contacts without a prescription, but wearing them can lead to serious eye injuries, such as corneal infection (keratitis), conjunctivitis, pain, and vision loss.

Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

  • Buyers beware when purchasing theatre makeup for costumes. When choosing face paint, FDA-approved hypoallergenic products are best.
  • Our Winnipeg eye care professionals also recommend that you don’t apply makeup too close to your eyes. Stay clear from the lash line or lid margin, as this can lead to eye injury and infection.
  • Old makeup from last Halloween is likely filled with bacteria and should not be used. We recommend that you discard face paint within a few months after the holiday.
  • Another important tip is to never dye eyebrows or eyelashes! It can easily cause an allergic reaction, swelling or painful eye irritation that requires immediate eye care for treatment.
  • No matter how late it is when you return home, don’t sleep (or let your kids sleep) in makeup! Dozing with face paint is an easy way to cause an eye infection and/or irritate the delicate skin around your eyes.

Accessorize with Soft (Not Sharp!) Swords

Many costumes for kids and adults need a sword, spear, knife, wand or trident to complete the outfit. Look for shorter versions of these items that are made from soft and flexible foam. In particular, kids have a hard time maneuvering long objects as they run around or go trick or treating. When they are wielding a hard and sharp object, the risk of personal eye injury or an accidental poke in the eye of someone nearby is raised significantly!

Hold Fast to Flashlights

As kids dash from house to house in the dark, it’s important to illuminate their way to prevent stumbles and falls. Sadly, tripping and crashing headfirst is a usual cause for needing to find emergency eye care near you on Halloween night. Flashlights and LED gadgets can prevent many mishaps. It is also helpful to apply reflective tape to kids’ costumes.

If you’re considering glow sticks instead of flashlights, think again. They don’t cast powerful light and if they break open, the contents can lead to severe eye infection.

We hope that these tips help you to enjoy Halloween while keeping your vision clear of any ghoulish problems! If you do experience eye irritation, inflammation, itchiness or redness, please contact our Winnipeg optometrists immediately for emergency eye care near you.