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Children’s eye exams

Did you know a child's first eye exam should be completed before their 3rd birthday?

80% of learning is visual; therefore, how well a child sees has a direct impact on their development. 

Many eye conditions don't have symptoms, so it's important to have their eyes examined to know that they are healthy and seeing well.

What if my child doesn't know the alphabet yet?  Not a problem.  We also have pictures for them to look at. 

What if my child is too young/too shy to talk?  Also not a problem.  There are many ways of determining the health and vision status of the eyes that don't even require input from the child.

Manitoba health also recognizes the importance of children's vision and early detection of problems; therefore, they cover the cost of regular eye exams for children under 19 years of age.

Be sure your child is "Seeing Smart" book an appointment with one of our friendly eye doctors today!