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Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses WinnipegAre All Progressive Lenses the Same?

Dr. Murray answers:

No, all progressive lenses are certainly not equal. And this is a common concern for a consumer. How can I be sure I`m getting a “good” one? Will I have trouble adapting to it?

First, why are they different ? A prescription is a prescription, right ? Well, they may be different thanks to technology: the technology involved in designing the lens and the technology involved in actually manufacturing the lens.

Sophisticated mathematical programming can now determine the precise power required to focus light on the retina as the eye looks away from the optical center of the lens. All premium lens designs will compensate the power in this way. This creates less distortion in the periphery of the lens and easier adaptation.

Similarly, manufacturing a premium progressive lens requires completely new technology. Premium progressives are now cut to power, point by point, with a diamond, allowing very accurate reproduction of the design created for the individual patient`s requirements.

Unfortunately, there are still many progressive lenses being sold today that use 20 year old designs, and are manufactured with old surface grinding methods.

So, how do you know what type of progressive you are purchasing ? One sure thing, if the lenses are deeply discounted it is very unlikely they are made with new technology. All major lens manufacturers, for example Nikon and Zeiss, supply premium progressives.

At Village Optical, our main premium line of progressive lenses are the XEVO lenses, which are made with European designs and are manufactured in Winnipeg to exacting standards. Our patients have found these progressives comparable to those of the more recognized brands and we are able to provide them at a more favorable price point.